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We're now Control 4 Home Automation Dealers!!!
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We're now Control 4 Home Automation Dealers!!!

Well we kept having folks ask us to add home automation, specifically Control 4, the most affordable system on the market. We added it Fall 2011.  This system allows you to start as small (from $699) or as large as you like. You can begin with one controller for your home theater and an SR-250 remote control (total cost $699) to give you complete control over your home theater system, and later add control of other home components, like lighting, door locks, sprinklers, air conditioning, garage doors, electric gates, security cameras and a whole lot more.  How would you like to access your home controls from work or from a restaurant on the way home with your iPad or iPhone or Android phone? You could crank up the A/C, check the security cameras, start up a pot of coffee, turn on the lights from the garage to the kitchen, turn off the sprinkler and just about anything you can think of, from away from home. And the great thing about it is the modular way they have of allowing this system to be built, so you can add pieces one at a time, which is easier on your budget, and allows you to "grow into the system" as you wish. We will evalauate your existing Control 4 system and let you know if we can take over control of it and for how much, or we can design you a new system based upon your needs and budget. See this link to check out this highly praised, and award-winning system and call us today for an evaluation or shoot us an email to ask questions!

p.s. We also do commercial installations of Control 4. We can give you easy control of the audio/video equipm,ent in your boardroom, or control of that bar or restaurant. (Tired of trying to figure out how to get a specific DirecTV channel on a particular TV or getting Jimmy Buffet to play in one room? We can easily set this up with Control 4!!)

Check out this link for your home control Control 4 Residential

Check out this link for your business control Control 4 Commercial

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